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Virtually any form of copywriting you need can come right from my desk (and my brain, but you get it). Whether you're a Mom-and-Pop coffee shop, technology manufacturer or beauty brand, I'll study your company's voice and keep it alive in the work I do for you. If you need to find your voice, let's dive in. 

Below are my popular copywriting and editing services, but feel free to ask about other projects you have in mind.

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Marketing Copywriting

Website Copy | Video Scripts | Product-Award Submissions | & More

Whatever your goal is, I'll help you get there with the right message. I've crafted copy for various websites, product launches and ads, and written multiple award-winning product essays.

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Email Marketing

Copywriting | Graphics Creation | Staging | Scheduling | Nurture Campaigns | & More

I can hand you the copy, provide you with a one-stop shop for email creation, or anywhere in between. We'll chat about what you need for your business.

Healthy Blog

News, Blogs & More

Blog Posts | Press Releases | Company Announcements | Speeches | & More

Whether you need a punchy blog post, a new-product press release, or a speech for an upcoming event, I have you covered.

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Recurring Blog Posts

- Keep your blog fresh with new content
- Choose a publishing frequency that works for you
- Leave the writing to a professional

Blog posts are an excellent way to drive traffic to your site, but sometimes they fall to the bottom of the priority list. Whether you don't have time or you're just not a writer, leave it to me to create your content and even post it on your website.

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Copy Editing

Emails | Blog Posts | Websites | Social-Media Content | Press Releases | Articles | Essays | Stories | & Much More

Was I the annoying kid who corrected everyone's grammar?

Pfft. Well...yes.

If there's an error, I'll find it. Editing is one of my absolute favorite things to do, from simple conventions to suggesting more effective sentence structure. 

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