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I do the writing most of the time, but this is where you come in. Let me know what you think about Carly Shea Creative on Google.


I can't speak highly enough about Carly. She took on a very complex project for my team, and was incredible throughout the entire process. The quality of her work and caliber of her character is top-tier! Carly communicated effectively and quickly, met all deadlines, and exceeded my expectations at every stage of our interactions. Will absolutely be utilizing her for many projects to come, and recommend others to reach out to her as well!


Zack West

Content Management Specialist, RYNO Strategic Solutions


Carly has been amazing, she was very responsive and creative with the project that we worked together on; I'd highly recommend her to others looking for the right words to use!


Denise Dougherty

Owner, Millie Dee Photography


Carly Shea Creative is next level when it comes to writing. She is extremely detailed and is an absolute joy to work with. I would highly recommend choosing her for all of your writing needs - you will not regret it!


Brooke Jenkins

Owner, B Social Studio


Carly is an incredible writer, and a pleasure to work with. Over the last several years, she has written materials of all kinds for us, from sales and promotional pieces, to press releases, to complex submissions for industry awards. One of the things that has impressed me most about Carly is that she took the time and did the research to truly understand our products and our customers, and she has created a “voice” that makes her work feel very much like it was written by us. I should actually say, “written by us, but much better than we could write it ourselves!” I have also really appreciated that I only need to explain what I need once. Carly is very sharp, and she quickly grasps what is required, and then delivers on time. I have never had to remind her about a deadline. She also has a strong positive attitude and is not easily intimidated by large projects. In short, Carly is one of our favorite industry contractors. She has become an invaluable resource for our business, and we are fortunate to work with her.


Cory Lovett

CEO, Nexus 21


Carly is a long-time, enthusiastic contributor to our magazine. We first met Carly when she worked as our ASU Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication intern for our publication in 2017. She impressed us by requiring little guidance to run our blog and contribute one-page articles on current construction projects. After graduating, Carly continued doing freelance work for us, tackling challenging assignments with gusto. She crafted compelling feature articles that required minimal editing. Carly continues in her association with the magazine, occasionally authoring stories for which she is uniquely qualified.


Douglas Towne

Editor, Arizona Contractor & Community